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Walking Athena's Path

The Greek goddess Athena is the symbol of wisdom, protection, freedom and handicraft.    Creative Connection is inspired by Athena.  Our online sessions provide an opportunity to incorporate more creativity, community and self-care into their lives.  We want everyone to feel empowered to walk Athena's Path.

We make it as easy as possible by taking care of all the pre-work and eliminating the commute.  Protect 2 hours just for you; it will leave you recharged and ready to resume the care of others.

Athena's spirit animal is the owl.  Our logo includes an owl as a visual reminder that we all deserve the creativity, community and self-care that helps us be at our best.

Athena's Law

1 / Everyone demonstrates respect.

We respect one another by: 

  • being on time and ready to focus.

  • avoiding discussion which may encroach on the experience of others.

  • being on camera and engaged.

  • reserving judgment and being supportive of one another.

2 / Everyone is welcome.

Online participation gives us the opportunity to welcome everyone, regardless of geography or health status.  Discriminating or disparaging statements or behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.

3 / Everyone decides if they want to share.

No one will be pressured to share their artwork or speak in front of the group.

4 / Everyone has creative license.

There is no right or wrong way to complete these creations.  Feel free to personalize and make your craft your own.

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